You gave of your time and talent and improved American communities, now, we are here to provide the infrastructure to keep you connected.

Are you an Alum of CAC AmeriCorps or an Alum of another program living in or near the Knoxville Area? In 2021, CAC AmeriCorps is embarking on a bold effort to develop the infrastructure to support a dynamic and rewarding East Tennessee AmeriCorps Alums community facilitating opportunities for mentorship, expertise sharing, serving with members and other alums, while building and maintaining connectivity within our network. We seek to redefine the meaning of AmeriCorps membership by extending intentionality into the post-service experience.


Whether you want to share expertise on an on-call basis or provide ongoing guidance and support to members in a more formal capacity, starting February of 2021, CAC AmeriCorps will be offering mentorship opportunities to area alums.


Serve with current AmeriCorps members through National Days of Service organized by CAC AmeriCorps or provide your time and expertise on targeted community projects. With over 40 community partners in East Tennessee, CAC AmeriCorps


Social events, Oral History, and a Service Symposium are some of the ways that we aspire to keep Alums connected to current members and each other in 2021. If you have a story to share, want to present on a recent service-oriented accomplishment or just want to spend time with members and alums.

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Joshua Cunningham, Alanna McKissack, Jason Scott, Stasi York

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