Life Begins at the Edge of Our Comfort Zone

Article Author: Alexis Jenkin
CAC AmeriCorps 2018-2019

First Impressions

To fully convey the feeling of beginning my year with AmeriCorps, let me describe for you my journey to Knoxville, Tennessee. It began with a 13 hour drive and ended with me standing in front of a dilapidated looking house, one which I probably wouldn’t have chosen if I had been able to see what it looked like before I signed the lease. Standing in front of this house, in a strange city, it dawned on me that everything about this year could take me out of my comfort zone.

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Two Years Strong

Article Author:
Austin Reynolds, CAC AmeriCorps 2016-2018

Before doing Americorps, I had applied and been accepted to do Peace Corps in Madagascar. After deciding it was not the right time for me to uproot and ship off to a foreign country for two years, I looked at local options that would allow me to serve the community I was already a part of. I had heard about CAC Americorps in Knoxville through volunteering at Beardsley Community Farm. I did some research and liked that the program was run by a local organization that was extensively integrated into the community. Continue reading “Two Years Strong”

Environmental Service with a Side of Smiles

Article Author: 

Kay Shanda, CAC AmeriCorps Member 2017-2018

Keep Sevier Beautiful (KSB) has been providing me with smiles and laughter since the day I stepped into the office to start my AmeriCorps year with them as their Program Coordinator. For starters, the office I stepped into was not going to be our office for long, which caused a lot of craziness. Within the first month of serving with KSB, their entire office moved into a new building across town and my organization skills were put to the test immediately with the sudden influx of boxes with unknown items inside.

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Dirty Hands, Clear Mind

Article Author:

Kellie Hill,  CAC AmeriCorps Member 2016-2017

CAC AmeriCorps has given me the opportunity to move to a city in which I never thought I’d live, and serve a community that has grown so close to my heart. I am incredibly grateful for the way that CAC AmeriCorps allows me to connect with a site so specific to my interests and passions, and the direction that it has given me as a recent college graduate. Because of my first service term in Knoxville, Tennessee at CAC Beardsley Community Farm, I have grown as a person and felt connections in ways that are irreplaceable. During my senior year of university as a geography student, I had many goals and ambitions for what I wanted to do with my focus in humanities. It is intimidating to enter the “real world” without much work experience in one’s field, and I feel that AmeriCorps is a great way for young adults to ask questions and gain insightful experiences.

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