Essential Service

By CAC AmeriCorps Staff

As the world contracts, keeps its distance, and holds – or at least masks – its breath, there is much that’s still in need of tending. The motto of AmeriCorps is, “Getting things done”, and CAC AmeriCorps, its partner organizations, and its members have creatively adapted, improvised, and remained resolute in providing service to the community. 

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Service at any Stage or: How I learned to stop worrying and love AmeriCorps.

I love AmeriCorps. I love the people in it, the people it serves, the people leading it, the people doing it, the AmeriPets, the AmeriGear, the AmeriSpirit, I love the whole darn thing. Specifically, I love CAC AmeriCorps. I love it because my experience serving here has fundamentally redefined the trajectory of my life, even at a point where I had previously thought I was doomed to mediocrity. 

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AmeriCorps responds to Opioid Crisis, Nationally and Locally

Article Author: Gordon Harless, 2019-2020 CAC AmeriCorps VISTA Leader
Ashley Gustafson, CAC AmeriCorps 2019-2020 VISTA Member
Cameron Henshaw, 2019-2020 CAC AmeriCorps VISTA Member

All across the country, communities are suffering from the effects of the opioid and substance abuse epidemic. Over 72,000 people died from drug overdose in 2017 alone, and even now in 2020, 130 people die every day from drug overdose. Locally, Tennessee alone had 1,818 overdose deaths in 2018. Tennessee has a high number of non-fatal overdoses as well, and access to powerful drugs is not slowing. There were over 6 million prescriptions for painkillers filled in Tennessee in 2018. That means for every 1000 Tennesseans, 901 of them would have been able to have access to painkillers.

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