To assist, advise, support and advocate for CAC AmeriCorps, its sites, members and the communities it serves.

Scope: The role of a committee member is to advise CAC AmeriCorps’ leadership about programs, ideas, and challenges as they arise. This includes but is not limited to service days, accountability, recruitment, professional development of members, and program design. During meetings, committee members will have the opportunity to hear and discuss updates from CAC AmeriCorps staff, and also bring up topics and ideas that they feel are relevant and important to CAC AmeriCorps as a whole.

Composition and Commitment: The CAC AmeriCorps Advisory Committee will be comprised of up to nine members and will consist of 1) a minimum of two representatives of populations served by the AmeriCorps VISTA, 2) a minimum of one CAC AmeriCorps VISTA site supervisor or CAC AmeriCorps VISTA Alum, and 3) a minimum of one CAC AmeriCorps State/National site supervisor or CAC AmeriCorps State/National Alum. There is also to be, when possible, one current, second year CAC AmeriCorps member. Those within the Committee member categories (1) and (2) will form the VISTA Subcommittee. Committee members will commit to serve a one (1) service year term for a maximum of (5) terms. Meetings will be held quarterly (August, November, February, and May), and exact dates will be determined by committee member availability and will be called by CAC Staff.

Current Advisory Committee Members

Stephanie Carlson
Ruth Anne Hanahan
Sheila Lindsey
Alanna McKissack
Erin Rosolina
Jenna Bailey
Lizzie Gaver


2020-03-06-CAC AmeriCorps Advisory Committee
Agenda for 2.5.18 Quarterly Meeting
Agenda for 6.19.18 Quarterly Meeting
Agenda for 2.21.19 Quarterly Meeting
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2020-02-18 Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda
CAC AmeriCorps Advisory Committee Minutes_2020-02-18
2020-05-18 Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda
CAC AmeriCorps Advisory Committee Minutes_2020-05-18