To assist, advise, support and advocate for CAC AmeriCorps, its sites, members and the communities it serves.

Scope: The role of a committee member is to advise CAC AmeriCorps leadership about programs, ideas and challenges as they arise.  This includes but is not limited to service days, car allocation, accountability, recruitment, professional development of members and program design.  During meetings, committee members will have the opportunity to hear and discuss updates from CAC AmeriCorps staff, and also bring up topics and ideas that they feel are relevant and important to CAC AmeriCorps as a whole.

Composition and Commitment: The CAC AmeriCorps Advisory Committee is composed of 9 members including a 4-person AmeriCorps VISTA sub-committee.  Members of the committee serve a minimum one (1) year term, with a maximum of three (3) years.  Meetings are held quarterly at the LT Ross Building and will last between 1-3 hours depending on topics.

Current Advisory Committee Members

Joy Absher
Lashea Brabson
Stephanie Carlson (Co-Chair)
Jim Gray
Ruth Anne Hanahan
Sheila Lindsey
Alanna McKissack (Chair)
Erin Rosolina
Eden Slater


CAC AmeriCorps Advisory Committee (Last Updated 11/17/2017)
Agenda for 2.5.18 Quarterly Meeting
Agenda for 6.19.18 Quarterly Meeting
Agenda for 2.21.19 Quarterly Meeting