Independent Service Projects

TiresCAC AmeriCorps is excited to host a new initiative beginning in winter 2019 to highlight and spread awareness of CAC AmeriCorps and the actual and potential positive impact its members make; utilize the talents, skills, energy, and enthusiasm of serving CAC AmeriCorps Members to assist in the completion of small-scale or discrete portions of larger projects toward community development; provide an opportunity for CAC AmeriCorps Members to develop new skills, establish new connections, and gain a greater appreciation for the aspirations of communities in the Tennessee Valley; and broaden the number of partnerships between community organizations.

maddAny 501(c)3 non-profit organization in good standing or local, state, or federal governmental entity whose mission aligns with those of the CAC AmeriCorps Program is eligible to submit an application to the ISP Program. Those include but are not limited to those organizations addressing environmental sustainability, disaster preparedness, public safety, community capacity, quality of life, diversity and inclusion, education/mentoring, poverty alleviation, and, hunger relief and healthy eating.

The end result of one of these projects could be improved or added infrastructure, development of a new program, organizing an event, securing funding and/or in-kind services, or an outreach/marketing campaign. Projects MAY NOT include voter registration drives, or other partisan/political activities, or activities that include any form of religious proselytization, though faith-based partners are encouraged to apply for projects serving the community.

If your organization could utilize the capacity of a small team of AmeriCorps members on a limited basis, please contact Christine Doka ( for more details.

Individual Service Project Guidelines and Application