Capacity Building and Community Outreach Coordinator

Location of Service: Community Television of Knoxville/Knoxville Community Media – 800 South Gay Street, Suite P336 Knoxville, TN 37929

About Knoxville Community Media:

Community Television of Knoxville is in the process of rebranding. A name change to Knoxville Community Media is being announced in 2022. We will continue to provide Public, Educational, and Government programming while making a strong effort to offer skills training and a platform to share creative and personal ideas through a variety of media that includes television, social media, print media, visual art, and performative art. We hope to create strong bonds with other nonprofits, at-risk youth, those without a voice, and our community of creatives.

Position Summary:
  • Update databases of area nonprofit organizations
  • Update databases of area youth organizations
  • Update databases of area community organizations
  • Update databases of area international organizations
  • Brainstorm ideas for offering remote and in-person video training to said organizations and the general public
  • Brainstorm ideas for offering unique classes to said organizations and the general public
  • With the Production Team, create lesson plans that engage said organizations and the general public in video, communication, storytelling, and other creative ideas that may generate programming
  • If interested, candidate may produce programming of interest to them (can include short documentary, informative videos, community engagement videos, experimental videos, etc.)
  • Assist in the production of our PEG Outreach Video Series (these programs interview a variety of individuals from previously described organizations).
Site Preferences/Qualifications:
  • Video, communication, or storytelling background is a plus but absolutely not required.
  • Ability to take initiative on creative ideas
  • A genuine love for making a lasting impact on the community filtered through media, art, education, and story.
Member Benefits Include:
  • A modest living allowance of $15,001.50 or, $575.40 bi-weekly (pre-tax), paid over 52 weeks.
  • Education Award of $6,495 that can be applied to student loans and/or future education expenses OR a $1,800 end-of-service stipend.
  • Housing subsidy of up to $300/month
  • Relocation reimbursement at $0.40/mile if relocating more than 50 miles for service
  • Up to $750 Settling-In Allowance to reimburse upfront moving costs
  • A Health insurance subsidy is available for members covered through
  • 80 Hours Personal Leave AND 80 Hours Sick Leave
  • 11 Holidays
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Child Care Reimbursement
  • May be eligible for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). In-house SNAP benefits specialist available to provide assistance in determining eligibility.
  • May be eligible for utility bill assistance. In-house specialists available to provide assistance with determining eligibility.
  • Professional development and networking opportunities.
  • Non-Competitive Eligibility status for federal hiring after completion of service.
  • Opportunity to enroll concurrently in Carson Newman MBA in Nonprofit Leadership

Equity and Inclusion: The Knoxville-Knox County Community Action Committee (CAC) is an Equal Opportunity Employer and will take action to ensure that members and employees are treated equally without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, gender, romantic/sexual orientation, age, handicap, cultural or religious convictions.  CAC AmeriCorps provides reasonable accommodations to applicants and employees.  Applicants with disabilities may request reasonable accommodation at any point in the recruitment / employment process.

This job is no longer accepting applications.