Our newest program.  CAC AmeriCorps’ proposed Infrastructure program will engage 20 members, between the ages of 18-25, in projects improving inland waterways, public parks, roads, solid waste and transit systems in East Tennessee through hands-on interventions like trail building and maintenance, prescribed fire operations, and road maintenance activities.


Infrastructure members serve to address the unmet infrastructure needs in our public parks, transit, water quality, and solid waste systems.

CAC AmeriCorps Infrastructure members will serve 1,700 hours over 47 weeks between September 4th, 2018 and July 26th, 2019 and will receive a living allowance of $13,732 over the course of their year of service.  Upon completion, CAC AmeriCorps Infrastructure members will receive an education award of $5,920.

Current Opportunities in This Portfolio

Appalachian Mountain Bike Club
Position Description
City of Knoxville, Forestry
Position Description
City of Knoxville Construction/Horticulture

Position Description
City of Knoxville Parks and Recreation
Position Description
Ijams Nature Center
Position Description

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Fire

If you are interested in serving or hosting an AmeriCorps member to help address public infrastructure needs through hands-on, trade oriented service,  contact us.

Learn more about our application process or Apply Here.

Please Note that all positions are subject to local, state and federal funding appropriations.  While CAC AmeriCorps has a high level of confidence in our ability to leverage these resources, and has done so consistently for going on three decades, there are elements related to these funding processes that are outside of the control of CAC AmeriCorps staff so all opportunities are dependent on the availability of funding to support those positions.