RFP 2016-2017

Thank you for your interest in hosting one or more CAC AmeriCorps Members for the 2016-2017 service year.  Below are the formal RFP Application document as well as guidance document regarding State/National performance measures and how each is defined and evaluated.  You must complete the RFP Application & Narrative and submit it by October 23rd, 2015 for consideration.

Competitive applications will seek to address one or more primary or complimentary performance measures as defined in the guidance document.  In addition, competitive applications will address Member service experience as well as provide references to support the need identified and the processes proposed to address the need.  Not all activities are expected to fit into performance measures.

Deadline: October 23rd, 2015 @ 5pm EST
Limitations: Partner & Service Site must be located in the State of Tennessee in Anderson, Blount, Grainger, Jefferson, Knox, Loudon, Roane, Sevier, or Union County.

Primary Document

RFP CAC AmeriCorps 2016-2017 (.pdf)

Guidance Documents

AmeriCorps State/National Performance Measure Instructions 2015 (.pdf)

If you have questions regarding the RFP process, please send them to CAC AmeriCorps Program Director Jason Scott at  All questions will be answered with a response on this page to provide fair access to information to all potential partners.

Applicants may be contacted for clarification regarding their application.  Applicants will be notified by Friday, November 27th of the outcome of this process.


Can I call/email and ask questions about my proposal?  Would you be willing to give me feedback on my proposal?


What is the per-member match?

The partner cost per member is anticipated to be $8,000 again unless our Corps is reduced because of reductions in federal funding.

Do we house the member or does that person work out of your office?

AmeriCorps Members would work at your site, so you would house them and provide them access to a computer.  That said housing, as in where the member lives, is their own responsibility and is not the responsibility of the site unless the site desires to provide free or low-cost housing as an option to their member.

What are “Good” numbers for the different program objectives?

Focus less on the quantities and focus more on finding common ground between national performance measures and your own operations so that your mission is uplifted and the work proposed for the AmeriCorps Member is justified (Is there a document/study that supports your need?).  For example, if your site does not have a practical way to deliver numbers in acres or stream miles, you wouldn’t consider utilizing this metric.  That is absolutely ok.  Your number estimates, if you have no precedent, can be a reasonable estimate.  At the end of the RFP cycle, CAC Staff will be able to get a sense of what the total numbers are pertaining to different performance measures and we write to accommodate the proposed need in our grant application to CNCS.

How is member travel handled?

Any travel related to work would either be compensated via mileage reimbursement, company car or they could borrow a vehicle from CAC, but that isn’t always available because we only have so many vehicles.  This does not include getting to and from work.  Members can’t go out-of-pocket for travel related to work.

Some sites may request, and be issued, a vehicle for the duration of the year.  These sites will likely be expected to pay a fee to offset the cost of insurance, maintenance, fuel, etc.

I thought about asking the folks in other departments if they wanted to consolidate their RFPs into one request for multiple members, but wanted to check with you first.

If you wanted to do a single RFP application that delineated the unique areas in which the members would serve and how their unique experience contributed to the overall numbers that would be just fine.  CAC Staff just needs to be able to prioritize subsections/departments of the application, if needed, in order to increase or decrease the number of members requested and know what specific member / department that increase or decrease is happening in.

If THE COMPANY has department A, B and C and wrote a combined RFP, we would still need to know how many members A, B and C were requesting on a departmental basis and what each of these unique departments proposes to do with their members in regards to member experience and impacts.

For volunteer recruitment, can I have AmeriCorps members recruit volunteers for partners, external to our agency, and have that count towards volunteer recruitment/retention numbers?

If they are recruiting for non-profit/governmental partners of your organization, yes.  Ideally they would be recruiting within the environmental impact area to optimize results, but they can also help support your strategic partners.  For example.  If Host Site A has a history of supporting Community Partner B through recycling efforts and Community Partner B would like help recruiting volunteers, it is possible for Host Site A’s AmeriCorps Member to help build capacity in Community Partner B as long as Community Partner B is a non-profit/governmental agency.

Can I count volunteers my member recruits (new) AND current volunteers that are already supporting the organization?

Yes, as long as the member plays an active role in managing the existing volunteers utilizing effective volunteer management practices noted in the National Performance Measure document associated with G3-3.3.




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