VISTA Member Benefits

AmeriCorps VISTA Members receive modest benefits to help them throughout their year of service. VISTA benefits are managed at the Federal level, but we have compiled them here for your reference.

  • As of August 15th, 2021 the Knox County living allowance rate is set at $41.10 per day, or $15,001.50 over the course of the service year ($575.40 bi-weekly pre-tax).
  • AmeriCorps VISTA Health Care Allowance or Benefit Plan to reimburse members for out-of-pocket expenses related to their health insurance.
  • Education Award of $6,345 after completion of service term (1 year) or a $1,800 end-of-service stipend.
  • Relocation & Close-of-Service travel allowance if moving more than 50 miles from your home to serve.
  • Settling-In Allowance of up to $750 (must be requested).
  • One (1) year of non-competitive eligibility in federal hiring upon completion of your service term.
  • Professional development and training opportunities.
  • Access to an engaged base of Alums in the region.
  • Assistance with finding affordable housing.

More information about VISTA member benefits can be found here.

CAC AmeriCorps VISTA Member Benefits

One of the advantages of participating in CAC AmeriCorps’ VISTA program is corps’-wide benefits all VISTA members receive in addition to the core VISTA benefits.

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  • 20% Off Tuition at Carson Newman University – MBA Nonprofit Leadership (online)
    for CAC AmeriCorps Members and Alums!  Serve and earn your MBA concurrently during 2 years of service with our program – the cost of tuition is fully covered when you apply both of your education awards.
  • Health insurance premium subsidy paid by CAC AmeriCorps for members who are covered by a Bronze, Silver, or Gold plan in the health insurance marketplace ( and are not already covered by a parent, spouse, Medicaid, Medicare, or Military healthcare benefits.
  • Members who serve a second year with our program are eligible for a modest professional development stipend which can cover the cost of receiving a professional certificate from the Alliance for Better Nonprofits.
  • Access to TeleDoc, a virtual healthcare resource.

In addition to these benefits, CAC AmeriCorps connects all members with the following resources available in our community:

*These resources are available on a case-by-case basis, and service with CAC AmeriCorps does not guarantee you will be eligible to receive them.