CAC AmeriCorps VISTA

acvista_0CAC AmeriCorps is proud to announce that we are recruiting for the inaugural class of CAC AmeriCorps VISTA for the 2017-2018 service year in partnership with the Tennessee State office for the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS).  Since 1994 CAC AmeriCorps has operated an Environmental focused corps through it’s AmeriCorps program and now, for the 2017-2018 service year, we are proud to announce our new VISTA initiative.

Members will work to build capacity in our partner organizations and work to provide economic opportunities, eliminate barriers to employment, create systems to lift people out of poverty and increase access to healthy food in our community.

cncs_1CAC AmeriCorps VISTA members will have the unique opportunity to collaborate and share in their service experience with our AmeriCorps environmental service corps building stronger connections between environmental service and poverty alleviation efforts in our region.

CAC AmeriCorps VISTA members will receive a living allowance of $11,880 over the course of their year of service.  Upon completion, CAC AmeriCorps VISTA members will have the option of receiving an education award of $5,815 or an end-of-service cash stipend of $1,500.  For full details on VISTA benefits, visit VISTA Campus.

If you are interested in serving or hosting an AmeriCorps VISTA member to help provide economic opportunity, healthy lifestyles or lift people out of poverty, please contact CAC AmeriCorps Program Director, Jason Scott.

Learn more about AmeriCorps VISTA from the VISTA Member Handbook.

Learn more about our application process or Apply Here.

CAC AmeriCorps is currently seeking prospective partners for the 2018-2019 service year to begin in August 2018.  If you are a government, non-profit, university or faith-based organization interested in hosting an AmeriCorps VISTA member, please check out our official Partner Project Identification Request. Deadline is October 6th, 2017 for submissions.  Thank you for your interest in becoming a partner in National Service.