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For the 2022-2023 service year beginning in August we have introduced higher living allowances, housing subsidies, relocation benefits, and flexible, full-time schedules as benefits within our program! Check out our benefits page to see a comparison.

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What We Offer

- Network: Be a part of a cohort of 80+ members serving with over 40 community organizations in a relatively small four county area which lends itself to collaboration between members and organizations.
- Come Together: Whether it's a day of service or all corps meeting, CAC AmeriCorps provides numerous opportunities to come together during the year to serve, reflect, and grow.
- Certifications: All Full-Time members will have the opportunity to complete a certification through the Alliance for Better Nonprofits in Leadership, Marketing, Fund Development, or Human Resources based on their interests.
- Mentorship: All members will be matched with a peer/alum mentorship group to connect members to our program's legacy as well as one another.
- Community Impact Fund: Members have access to a small grants program to fund member-led initiatives. Have a great idea? We have set aside funds to pilot it.

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Full-Time, 52 Weeks



Full-Time, 47 Weeks


Community Action Fellows

Part-Time, 300 Hours


Summer Associates

Full-Time, 8-10 Weeks

Small Steps Make a Big Difference
Watercolor by 2004-2005 & 2005-2006 Alum Tracie Pouliot.

Performance Snapshot

Volunteers Managed

Members managed 2,703 volunteers during the 2019-2020 service year leveraging 21,339 volunteer hours valued at $580,420.

Acres and Miles of Public Lands Improved

Members improved 5,872 acres and 128 miles of public lands during the 2019-2020 service year.  Interventions included debris removal, prescribed fire operations and invasive species removal.

Environmental Education

Members provided environmental education to 615 unique K-12 students through in-school and community based interventions during the 2019-2020 service year .

Job Training and Employment

Members provided job training to 163 individuals improving their employment / career options during the 2019-2020 service year.

Food Insecurity

Members increased access to food and nutrition resources for 5,933 individuals during the 2019-2020 service year.