Outward Bound

The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience. – Emily Dickinson

August 3rd, CAC AmeriCorps staff welcomed over 60 new and returning members to the beginning of their service year with a week-long, mostly virtual Orientation process. While this may have not been the typical orientation the corps is used to, the staff stepped up to the plate to make the onboarding process as smooth as possible for everyone viewing from home.

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Summer Associates Say Goodbye

During this unprecedented summer, four amazing women stepped up to the plate and spent their time as Summer Associates serving in several local nonprofits. Their combined efforts helped to serve hundreds of people in the Knoxville community during their two months of service. Though today is their last day, their accomplishments will continue to impact their sites and the community they served long into the future.

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Waste Naught

UT Leah Jillian Annalisa
Leah Fontaine, Jillian Lentz, & Annalisa Tarizzo

By Annalisa Tarizzo

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville Office of Sustainability works to Make Orange Green by promoting a sustainable and equitable campus community. We take pride in our role as part of the state’s flagship land-grant university and our responsibility to mitigate the social impacts of climate change. Through student engagement and collaborative programming, we tackle issues related to waste diversion, resource conservation, food justice, and more.

While our mission statement, listed above, directly aligns with the values of many CAC AmeriCorps sites in the environmental conservation, education, and food insecurity alleviation spheres, the Performance Logs that our members submit don’t always quantitatively reflect our impact in the traditional ways. We don’t maintain hundreds of miles of trails or waterways or perform environmental education for any Knoxville youngsters. At the beginning of the 2019-20 term, the AmeriCorps members sat down with site supervisor, Jay Price, to come up with our own performance metrics for the year. Here’s how our progress has shaken out: Continue reading “Waste Naught”

Trash & Treasure

Article Authors: Annalisa Tarizzo, 2018-2020 CAC AmeriCorps Member
Christine Doka, CAC AmeriCorps Staff; Alum 2015-2018

Annalisa Tarizzo is a CAC AmeriCorps member currently serving a second term with the University of Tennessee, first with UT Recycling and now with the Office of Sustainability.

1. Tell me about your role within the University of Tennessee Office of Sustainability, and why you chose to serve at this site. 

I spent my first term during the 2018-19 corps year as the Zero Waste Coordinator with UT Recycling. I chose this site and this role in particular because I wanted to gain experience working in sustainability at a large institution, and the Zero Waste Coordinator role seemed like one where I could take on a lot of responsibility fairly quickly. Continue reading “Trash & Treasure”