Greenways Ranger – City Parks & Rec

Location of Service: City of Knoxville, Parks & Recreation – 5930 Lyons View Pike

About City of Knoxville, Parks & Recreation:

The Parks & Recreation Department offers a wide variety of activities for each member of the family to enjoy. One of the main goals for the Department is to improve recreation opportunities for all Knoxvillians. With the programming of recreation centers, the construction of greenways trails and the upgrading of many city parks, great progress is being made toward the goal.

  • Serve cooperatively with Parks & Greenways Coordinator on various aspects of new and existing park and greenway planning, construction, and maintenance projects
  • Collect GPS trails, park amenity data, and ecological data (native and invasive), tracking land management efforts over time, and updating GIS databases accordingly
  • Assist in trail maintenance, monitoring of trails and greenways while serving as a public ambassador for the city; communicating information to trail users and park visitors in the field
  • Regular on-the-ground inspection of greenway trails, reporting inspection findings to Parks & Greenways Coordinator
  • Work with Parks staff and public Service staff to determine solutions and amend various maintenance, safety, invasive species, erosion, and landscaping issues and needs as they are discovered
  • General horticulture maintenance including mulching, weeding, seeding, racking, trimming, pruning, planting; basic graffiti removal, litter collection, and painting required as needed
  • Assist Parks staff in the maintenance and promotion of the Parks and Recreation programs; coordinating projects, contacting partners, and recruiting volunteer groups
  • Attend meetings and seminars to stay abreast of current greenway and trail management issues
  • Assist in preparing for Greenways Commission meetings as needed
  • Develop and implement programs or projects specific to greenway development and enhancement as required

The member(s) in this position will have the opportunity to gain the following skills/credentials:

  • Build resume with experience in park and trail management, land management, and data management
  • Sharpen GIS skills and build public engagement skills through participation in civic events and volunteer activities, focussing on getting people outside, active, and connected to their public parks and trails
  • Ability to work alone – initiate projects on your own
  • Conduct research and ask questions; self-motivated
  • Ability to speak in groups, present information, talk to the general public or during meetings
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with members of the public, customers, and other agencies involved in greenway and park management

Equity and Inclusion: The Knoxville-Knox County Community Action Committee (CAC) is an Equal Opportunity Employer and will take action to ensure that members and employees are treated equally without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, gender, romantic/sexual orientation, age, handicap, cultural or religious convictions.  CAC AmeriCorps provides reasonable accommodations to applicants and employees.  Applicants with disabilities may request reasonable accommodation at any point in the recruitment / employment process.

This job is no longer accepting applications.