CAC AmeriCorps currently offers 4 unique full- and part-time program options ranging from 8 weeks to a year.

envibuttonThe Environmental Program is our longest running corps, operated continuously since 1994, engaging individuals in full-time service over 47 weeks supporting organizations focused on enhancing community resilience through environmental education, improving public lands and infrastructure, and disaster preparedness.
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The Community Action Fellows program is debuting August 2021 and will engage 20 action-oriented community members in part-time (300-hour) semester-based service opportunities supporting organizations focused on supporting activities addressing education disparities, food insecurity, and broader COVID-19 recovery efforts. Learn More

vistabuttonThe VISTA Program engages individuals of all ages in full-time service over 12 months supporting organizations focused on eliminating poverty in our region. VISTA members build capacity in organizations through program development, volunteer recruitment, data collection, curriculum development, fundraising, and more!
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In addition, VISTA Summer Associates offers an an 8-10 week, full-time, service opportunity during the summer months generally between May and July.  Learn More