National Pet Day: April 11

As evidenced by the number of pet pics many of us carry on our phones, our furry companions provide love, loyalty, supportive hugs and snuggles, a touching dependency, and hilarious hi-jinx. They inspire, amuse, rescue, comfort, and complete us, and this day is dedicated to giving them the recognition they deserve. To all our best friends, here and gone, we love you. Maddy 4

Maddy Staff & Rudy

“Ruby is honestly my best pal, and she fills my life with happiness, laughter, and tons of sloppy kisses. She is a spunky, sassy, and active dog that makes life an adventure. I had gotten Ruby at a low and stressful point in my life, and honestly I don’t know who saved whom. Her endless love and slobbery kisses turn a bad day around. She loves going on any kind of adventure with me whether it’s to a park, trail, brewery, beach, or ice cream store. If they allow dogs, I’m bringing Ruby along. She’s such a happy dog, and it makes me happy knowing we’re in it together.”


Meredith Abercrombie & Ziggy

“Ziggy came into my life almost 2 years ago. She was a tiny ball of fluff, estimated to be around 8 weeks old. It was my senior year of college, and I wanted a companion that would join me in my journey through my 20’s. I am so glad that Ziggy is that companion. She has become much more than a pet. She is a warm morning cuddle, a head nuzzle when I’m sad, and a reminder that I shouldn’t leave breakable objects on the counter. My favorite moments are when she playfully leaps and twists her body in ways I did not think were aerodynamically possible. It never fails to make me laugh and love her more than I thought I could. Her energy and excitement for the day empower me to be the best version of myself. So look out world, Ziggy and Meredith are a team you do not want to mess with. (Also, Ziggy would like you to know that if you have any cardboard boxes or hair bands lying around, she will gladly take them)”

Jason Kitties

Jason Scott, Sandals, and Little Bear

“Cats are like silent watchmen, observing everything, moving softly, and giving comfort through their soft, purring warmth.  I am hands-down team AmeriCat.”

Mary and Kona 2

Mary Woody & Kona (& Friends)

A frequent fixture at the Sustainable Future Center, the VISTA site at which Mary serves.


Nora Jacobs & Theo

AKA: “Theo Jacobs, Small Man, Sweet Prince, Emperor of All, King of Spices”


Eugene and Herman

Gordon Harless & Eugene & Herman

Eugene has since passed on, but Herman carries forward with snuggling duties.


Matt and Potomac 1

Matthew Gabb & Potomac

Arguably the the most gleeful human-critter pair in CAC AmeriCorps.



Mark Carper & Trigger

“Napping is one of Trigger’s more adorable states, but even his pushy demands for being petted are endearing. After more than seven years together, he and I have certainly warmed to each other, and his presence is ever appreciated.”

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Jason Scott

CAC AmeriCorps Program Director Since 2015.